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About Us


We have been supplying MotorKing tricycles and motorbikes in West Africa since 2007, our company was the fist to supply petrol and diesel tricycles in Ghana, many of them are used for businesses, farming and healthcare. The possibilities are endless because we have intelligent and skilled workers working for the company who are able to modify these vehicles for different requirements, such as ambulances, seed distributions vehicles, bread and drinks vending vehicles, rubbish collection vehicles, mobile kitchen or mobile libraries for schools.

Our goal was to provide locals with a product they can use to earn money, most people who drive our tricycle may not have the opportunity to have a good education but with our product they are able to earn enough money to buy land, build houses and provide for their family. 

Our company strongly believes in gender equality and giving people with disabilities an opportunity to work. We are the first in the Northern Region of Ghana to employ and train female engineers, most of who have surpassed their male colleges. 

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to grow as a company in Ghana and to show our appreciation each year we give something back to the community, we have donated free books for school children, planted 3,000 trees for schools, donate tricycles to UDS for research and development and offer free train to university students.  

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